Sajavat Group boasts over 30 years of combined interior design expertise. Sajavat’s custom design service offers the opportunity to have a beautiful space giving it a special appeal. We pride ourselves in creative talent handling every detail of your space and providing you with a professional design experience.

Interiors | Architecture | Landscape


The professional and sophisticated design team at Sajavat Group are adept at discovering and fulfilling the vision of our clients. Our skill is in ensuring that each piece is fundamental to the scheme and is produced to the highest specification. Rather than following a distinct house style, Sajavat Group ensures that every project they undertake stays true to the initial brief from the client, perfectly tailored to their needs, their personal taste and lifestyle.

Turnkey Projects


Sajavat Group takes a truly holistic and comprehensive overview of each project, so that every aspect of the scheme is fully integrated and cohesively in line with the clients brief. The architectural design team consider how best to creatively explore and enhance every aspect of the available space, implementing functionality alongside aesthetics.

Project Management Services


The Sajavat Group Project Management team perform a crucial role in the successful completion of each project. They oversee the entire process from the draft stages of the concept design through construction to installation and on-going maintenance. They coordinate and oversee every element of the project; directing the consultant team and supervising the contractors. Most importantly, the Project Managers ensure that each assignment is completed on time and within budget

Manufacture & Retail

  • Designer Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Objet D’Art
  • Garden Accessories
  • Statues & Sculptures
  • Paintings