Our store Sajavat Group at,
8, N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
is epitomized by a colorful melange of materials and harmony of classic design with contemporary aesthetics, which are integral to the brands sense of luxury and iconic style.

Our bespoke offerings include a well balanced mix of modern styling and exquisite signature handcrafted furniture pieces and accessories, providing its customers a complete design experience.

Our products with the brand name SAJAVAT do not have any kind of Barcodes/ Unique Product Codes as they are artistic in nature.

Designer Furniture


Recognized for its international quality, urban simplicity & sophistication. The Sajavat collection style is warm and inviting, with roots in the heritage. Balanced design and luxurious comfort are essential elements of our interiors.

Home Decor


Presenting exquisite and designer home accessories such as chandeliers, lamps, candle holders, wall panels, vases, glassware, crockery and other decoration pieces.

Objet d’Art


Presenting beautiful, desirable and durable articles that come out of specialized hands such as Monks, Buddhas, Religious idols, Elephants, Angels, Figurines and more.

Garden Accessories


Creating beauty, pleasure & ambiance in your garden with simplistic fountains, planters, pots & garden objects. Each product is beautifully crafted using a technology that makes it durable, weather proof and ideal for outdoors.

Statues & Sculptures


Created with fine precision, we present to you timeless pieces that reflect originality & fresh perspective. Comprising of a unique collection of figurines, oriental and Japanese statues, abstract sculptures and much more.



Exhibiting affordable art and works of masters. Hosting gallery shows featuring spectacular artistry from all genres.