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About Us

Sajavat Group is a boutique interior and exterior design firm taking an all-encompassing approach to design that includes everything from residential and commercial interiors to architecture, furniture, home & garden accessories, garden-design & landscape, sculptures, paintings, lighting and more.
With a legacy of over 3 decades, Sajavat Group has expanded exponentially, perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing furniture and objet d’art of unsurpassed quality.
Sajavat Group in association with its sister concerns namely, Fab Interiors, Sajavat & Beyond, Creative Sajavat and Sajavat Stone work constantly to deliver a complete and transformed lifestyle for you.


Sajavat group takes pride in proclaiming their expertise of over 35 years of experience in the domain of combined design. Sajavat's custom design services offer an opportunity to their esteemed clients to possess a dream home as well as any commercial space. We take pride in our creative talent that takes best possible care of smallest nuance of your design ,space and provides their clients best of professional design experience.


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Sajavat group takes up a holistic and comprehensive overview of each project they undertake . Therefore every aspect and nuance of the scheme is integrated cohesively in line with the client's desired details .
The Interior architectural design team explores and studies in depth to creatively enhance and beautify the space undertaken with a classy blend of aesthetic functionality .